Renewable Energy Systems
Installation and repair of Gas and Electric Heating Systems

All types of Electric Heating Installed by NICEIC approved contractors.

Approved Installers of the revolutionary THERMAflow electric Combi Boiler.

Why is it important to use an NICEIC approved contractor?

There are a number of benefits to ensuring you use an NICEIC registered contractor as well as the peace of mind that your electrical installation has been completed competently and safely;

  • Compliance with Building Regulations*
  • Insurance backed warranty
  • Guarantee of Standards Scheme
  • Independent Complaints Procedure

*NICEIC contractors are able to self-certify work and can save you time and money

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Electric heating systems

The boilers used in our systems are the latest technology and energy efficient which can lead to substantial savings on fuel bills compared to older, less efficient, boilers.

Radiators used in our systems have stylish good looks and are complemented by a heat transfer design which ensures the energy efficient of all expensive central heating fuels. Their sleek design and modest dimensions embrace a water envelope which demands remarkably low water content to provide controllable, swift heat up and high output. Each radiator is enamel finished and comes complete with factory fitted top grills and side panels as standard.

Each radiator is fitted with a thermostatic control which allows control of temperature in each room and also minimises unnecessary heating use.

The systems are fitted with a time switch to control your central heating and hot water on/off programmes.

System design temperatures are guaranteed to the following when the outside temperature is -1°C and boiler working temperature is 82°C.

  • Hall, kitchen and bedrooms : 18°C
  • Lounge : 21°C
  • Bathroom : 22°C

The pipework used in our systems is copper or barrier pipe, sized according to suit system design. The pipework to radiators is 10mm copper or barrier pipe with a white pvc coating which reduces system noise caused by expansion and contraction. It also insulates the pipe work to reduce heat loss and protects it from knocks by a hoover.

All pipework beneath ventilated floor voids or in attic spaces is insulated, this reduces unwanted heat loss substantially - further saving on fuel bills.

The system electrics are protected by a double pole fused isolating switch rated to 3 amp which is situated next to the boiler. The switch also provides safety when maintenance is being carried out.

On electric heating systems the heavy electrics are protected by a 60 amp isolator with a 50 amp mcb at both main board and boiler position depending on boiler location and installed by a qualified NIC-EIC Electrician.

The new systems are earth bonded to the current edition of the IEE wiring regulations. This includes cross bonding to all new pipework and equipotential bonding to the toilet and kitchen radiators. This work is carried out for your safety. If a Gas Safe registered installer does not carry out this work when installing a new system, they must inform you with a written document to have this work carried out by a competent electrician.

Fully certified, approved contractors
The THERMAflow electric combi boiler is over 99% effcient.
Advantages of the THERMAflow Electric Combi Boiler:
Substantial Savings on energy bills from a traditional electric heating system.
No Flue required. Ideal for listed buildings and high-rise flats.
All the benefits of a gas central heating system without the need for a gas supply.
Same Radiators and Thermostat controls as a gas central heating system.
Very economical to run : Over 99% efficient
No Storage tanks required
Provides mains pressure hot water, perfect for power showers and capable of running 2 showers at the same time.
Eco Friendly, better for the environment.
Suitable for connection to Scottish Power's economy 2000 Tariff provides a minimum of 18 hours off peak electricity per day.