Renewable Energy Systems
Installation and repair of Gas and Electric Heating Systems

Heat Pumps
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The intelligent way to harness renewable energy - Can be up to 20% less running costs than Natural Gas.

5yr warranties, subject to annual service.

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Heat Pump

Did you know that if you already have a wet electric system, your bill could be £1500 for 12 months?

Installing a heat pump could reduce your bill to around £500 per year.

Hitachi Air Source Heat Pumps.

Thermaflow Combination Buffer linked with Hitachi Air Source Heat Pumps.
Reduction in runnning costs to be 20% less than Natural Gas which is the cheapest fuel at present.

5yr warranty, subject to annual service.

1) Thermaflow Electric Combi Boiler - Up to 10 year warranty subject to annual service - ask for more information
2) Thermaflow - Hitachi Renewable System - 5 year warranty subject to annual service

You should do a running costs comparison before making your decision to install a new heating system.

System C

Thermaflow - Hitachi Renewable Energy System - average annual efficiency 300%